O.K., here’s my situation. I was in Michael’s a week or two ago with my sister. We were having a swell time when I came across some very chunky yarn. Now, I had done my research and knew that chunky yarn, in general, is a little expensive, but this yarn (yes, it was unraveled and the paper holding it together had been ripped off one skein) was only $5.99 each.

I got all excited and, of course, bought it, using my senior discount and all the coupons I had. I bought a few other things, so my coupons were doing double-duty. I put those babies in my cart, took my bag to the car, and whistled all the way home.

I have never worked with chunky yarn before for the reason I have already explained, so I did not know how much of these gargantuan skeins I would need for a throw for my husband, It looked like a lot of yarn to me.

I began my throw (old-timey word for throw – afghan) and reveled at its softness and coziness, making my hubby touch it and pet it every time he passed by me. Was I ever surprised when these two huge balls of yarn produced this finished outcome:


Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, I could try to find this strange-colored, possibly discontinued, probably completely different dye lot yarn online or at Michael’s or at Michael’s online :). Or I could frame this rectangle with another color. Any thoughts?

I’m new at crocheting, but I love it so. I bet I won’t be deceived by the size of bulky yarn skeins again. I will double the amount I think I need. Stay tuned for the solution !

Copy of Cozy.pngfire-605585_1280.jpg