A Good Match

via Photo Challenge: A Good Match

Ben Huberman on the Daily Post challenged his readers to come up with a “good match.” Mine is a bottle arrangement I made in my bedroom. I’m crazy for bottles, and I love colors, so this is a perfect decor statement for me. My OCD kicks in from time-to-time and makes me rearrange the locations of the bottles within the arrangement, but that makes me happy, too.

Here’s how they look:


Can you tell my tastes fall somewhere between Gypsy, Bohemian, dumpster-diving?



This is what I love about entering into a new year. Even at 70, or maybe because I am 70, I feel that turning the proverbial page and seeing that there is another year to enjoy makes me feel renewed. I am past the point of making resolutions, and I have promised myself never to use the word “diet” again, but it does occur to me that the coming twelve months will be like opening a new box of crayons. So I am going to “re-establish” a few things in my life, if I can find the courage, keep the ideas straight in my mind, and persist.




Number one is reconnecting with people I love. I have allowed myself to isolate a little too much in the past years, and I want to change that and resurrect myself, as it were.

I also want to practice being passionate. I am fortunate to have several gifts and talents that I love to use, but this year I want to savor and take delight in the possibilities. I want my crocheting, writing, building, gardening, and jewelry-making to take on a new glow, a fresh aspect, as if I were learning to do these things for the first time.

And, above all else, I am not going to be fearful. I’m talking about that free-floating anxiety that has no basis in reality, but which feels as true as being bitten by a snake. I’m throwing that emotion away, erasing it from my persona, kicking it into the an imaginary junk yard somewhere in another galaxy. That emotion has not served me well and will no longer be my “go-to” state.

I also want to give more. Not in a sanctimonious way, but because it makes me feel so dang good myself. It seems to me, if I could do one good thing every day for someone who needs that one good thing, my days would be enormously happier than if I did not do that one small, seemingly trivial thing.

To those who blog, those who read our blogs, and to everyone who reads this page:

Here’s to a Happy and Prosperous 2017!


Five Photos – Five Captions


Most Americans have voted by now, 6:15 CST, Nov. 8, 2016. When I left my polling location I was almost in tears.


Although there was an autumnal celebration in Plymouth in November of 1621, it was Abraham Lincoln who called for a day of  “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens,” during the Civil War. He made the last Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day and hopefully, this year American families and friends can come together for a peaceful , warm, and happy gathering. No talking about politics !


Black Friday, when sales and price reductions lure consumers to big box stores, malls, and shopping centers, has become an American ritual. But USA Today reports that Black Friday may be close to extinction due to the rising number of internet shoppers. Some stores are opting to not even open on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Could it be possible that the traditional frenzied spree to purchase the popular stuff that may sell out before Christmas Day will cease? I’m thinking not anytime soon. Still, wherever you shop, no talking about politics!


Then the Christmas carols begin. Make no mistake, I adore Christmas music. When the carols are wafting through stores, restaurants, and our homes, I am a total fan. However, about one-and-a-half weeks after they begin to be played, I start to get a little agitated. By two weeks in, I am almost oblivious, and by the time Christmas Day rolls around, I’m hoping all speakers in all locations in my town will have their electrical cords clipped. Ubiquity is killing our collective holiday musical vibe. No singing about politics, either!


Then, in the blink of an eye, we will be celebrating  Christmas Day. After the grand feast has been devoured, the presents have been opened, Tiny Tim has asked God to “bless us every one,” and Uncle Jim has gotten royally sozzled, we will be only days away from 2017. Here’s what T. S. Eliot said about new years:

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

Allow me to explain what he was trying to say. Eliot meant that we should never talk about politics again.





It’s irksome to me when a guy with orange skin makes it hard to feel safe and secure.


And it’s irksome to me when a gal who could be, should have definitely done a bit more.


Also, I’m angry we can’t get along when it comes to the ole USA.


In fact, it’s so irksome it’s making me feel that I really have nothing to say!


But we’ve made it before, and we’ll make it again. We’re the Pilgrims, the pioneers, Man.


We just have to remember that we are all joined, and together we always will stand!


Don’t forget to VOTE!


Continuing on that same theme I have talked about a few times before…everything I know I learned from Broadway musicals, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this prompt was the musical Bye Bye Birdie. It came out in the sixties, and I was in the cast of the play in high school. Had to get that in, didn’t I? The song in the show that I was reminded of was “Honestly Sincere.”


When Conrad Birdie, the up-and-coming teen pop idol (based unashamedly on Elvis Presley), is asked how he had gotten to the cusp of stardom, he replies that his good fortune has everything to do with his “sincerity.” But, although he was not cognizant of it, his sincerity was inauthentic. It was something that his manager and his public relations guy told him he had to convince his audience he was.

Much like, as I see it, the manner in which certain politicians seem to be navigating the election waters. I’m not up for any discussion about the presidential race, but i will tell you what I see, now that I have stepped into my 60s. I see people who want to lead our country based on what’s in it for them. When they say they want to help their constituents, I think they mean they want to help themselves.

When they say they want to offer equality to all the citizens of this country, I think they really want to make more money for themselves. I know, I know, it’s impossible to see within a person’s heart. But I will say that the actions I observe are making me believe that any concern about a person’s sincerity when it comes to the political arena has been, for want of another word, deleted.

Google says sincere means “free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.” I have not yet seen this in any of the campaign reporting, candidate speeches, or ever-present news statements concerning the election. It makes me sad.

Maybe at my age people become jaded. Maybe I was too much of a Pollyanna when I was younger. Maybe this is how it always has been. Truth is, this is absolutely the first time  in my life that an election has made me feel afraid. Sorry for the Debby Downer post.