99 Word Challenge

This post is in response to Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch Communications’ Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. I was intrigued by this writing exercise that consists of only  99 words and knew I had to give it a try. The prompt for this week, which is renewed each Wednesday, is “Walk Across Sand.”

I’ll take any opportunity to practice my writing, and I think Charli is a very interesting person, so here’s my story.

Sand in Her Soul



She grew up on the beach and was twelve-years-old

 before she knew

 that all beaches did not have

 sand that looked like pearlized glitter.

 She used tanning lotion when she was on the Gulf side of the island

and was unaware of the sun’s effect.

But she did know about the secret,

she just did not know what the secret was.

She thought about it most of the time.

Secrets are fear-filled and ugly. So, finding out

what could not be spoken

was not one of her top priorities.

Not knowing was better than the knowing was to be.


Author: gebbysmith

I am a retired school teacher, school administrator, designer, retail business- owner, writer, fisherman, gardener, music-lover, dance-lover, theater-lover who lives in Mississippi. My husband, four doggies, and I live on a small farm and have fun every day making things and working on our house..

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